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Glass Shards
What is pure and ephemeral come apart and pieced together again
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16th-Dec-2010 07:56 pm - Arama Backup
nishiyama maki
Just backing up something I posted to aramatheydidnt.livejournal.com

Also hai guys! =) xxx

Hey guys!

So this comm tends to be filled with awesome juice on major-label celebs, which rox my sock, but I thought I'd mix things up a bit by introducing a virtually unknown artist I've been listening to for about a year now.

Meet Hayashi Yoshimi.

Infinistoria (her most recent release)

Wake (First Original PV)

Halfway (Salyu Cover)

More Songs to discover...Collapse )

As you can see, she has yet to be signed to a major label. She's been performing around Tokyo since 2007, and she recently released her first full-length original album via itunes. (Visit Page)
She also has an english version of Dreams Come True's "LOVE LOVE LOVE" up on itunes here.

Not only does she have a lovely voice, she composes, arranges, writes, records, produces, directs all her stuff. You name it, she does it. Check her out if you have a minute - she's got a song for everyone. Hopefully in a few years from now we'll see her name on Oricon. =D

Official Site: http://web.mac.com/hayashi_yoshimi/Hayashi_Yoshimi_official_web_site/Top_.html
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/hayashiyoshimi
13th-Dec-2009 06:12 pm - Udate?!
nishiyama maki
Man... I haven't updated this LJ in sooo long. I've been around somewhat on comms, but still. Just wanted to prove that I was still alive! (Barely... dear God, exams.)

So er... what do I have to share? So many stories to tell, so little time. I watched my very first SNL last night. Taylor Lautner hosted - seems I've gotten sucked into the Twilight craze. Nooooo! lol

My Japanese has been so thoroughly neglected - I really need to start translating again. There's this lovely little Japanese-Korean grocery near work, and the woman who runs it speaks quite good Japanese, although she's Korean. Maybe I'll work up the courage to speak with her next time I'm there? Probably not. XD

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnign of winter... already 30cm of snow here!!
15th-Oct-2009 12:28 pm - Big Bang
nishiyama maki
K, I don't know what's been wrong with me lately, but I've been REALLY into Korean hip-hop lately, and by that I mean Big Bang. So, naturally, this news made me really happy:

Korean group Big Bang has landed their first tie-in with a Japanese television drama. Their new song, "Koe wo Kikasete," will be used as the opening theme of TBS's "Ohitorisama," which stars Alisa Mizuki and Teppei Koike.

This song also marks the return of Daesung (D-LITE), who was injured in a car accident this past August.

"Ohitorisama" starts this coming Friday. Big Bang will release "Koe wo Kikasete" as a single on November 4.

Sweet! I really like Gara Gara Go and My Heaven so this is bound to be at least as awesome. Sounds like it'll be on the ballad side, which rocks my socks if it's anything like My Heaven.

Sorry, really needed a pick me up because this month sucks. Tons and tons of mid-terms are streesful enough, but there are also millions of lengthy assignments. I thought I had seen the worst of it with last week's freaking GenBank amino acid sequence identity and mutation-related illnesses crap, but my Organic Chem NMR assignment is being a much bigger pain in the ass than I ever imagined.

Positive outlook!!!!! I feel really satisfied when I get through these things, right?? YAY!!!!!


Some Big Bang for those poor souls who don't know them yetCollapse )
8th-Oct-2009 02:10 am - Se7en - Girls
nishiyama maki
Liking se7en's american debut more than BoA's....

Them Girls (Feat. Lil Kim) Lyrics

Yeah, it's another DarkchildProduction
And my homie Se7en, let's go

I like them girls that's hard to get
I like them girls, shotgun in a whip
I like them girls (girls), I like them girls (girls)
I like them girls, that'll love to trip
Trying to spend 24 at Se7en crib
(Girls, girls, girls, girls)
(Girls I do adore)

Let me holla at ya girl
Every time I turn around
The girls been lookin' at me
I see a couple of em in the crowd
And I can tell that they wanna be
Be the one that'll make me settle down
Take my number out the game
Until I find that, imma fall back
I'll tell you what I'm looking for

Trying make you my accessory (yeah)
All girls are necessary (yeah)
Like Will I'm Legend, feel me
You can Google me, baby
Been around the world, Asia to Philly (oh yeah)
Cross the border they all look good to me
I need a few more, so call the G4
Tell them that we only got room for seven more

I like them girls that's hard to get
I like them girls, shotgun in a whip
I like them girls (girls), I like them girls (girls)
I like them girls, that'll love to trip
Trying to spend 24 at Se7en crib
(Girls, girls, girls, girls)
(Girls I do adore)

They call me ice, I love that green
Diamonds, all flavors, like a Diary Queen
Its baller affair, Gabbana girl is there, looking like Americas Next Top Billionaire
I like the fly boy type, like spend money all night, first class flight straight to paradise Oh
Somewhere out in the Caribbeans, Push whips thats European, Tiptronic, Manolo Blahnik Crocodile is what I be in, Party all night, wake up in the PM
In my Murcielago, pretty lil bee, I like those boys naming cars after me on their Yacht in a Bikini
Sun bathing in the sea, wannna touch my body, like my name was MC
Wish you had this honey, girl to goddess
Boys competing for me with their Yen may the best man win

I like them girls that's hard to get
I like them girls, shotgun in a whip (hey!)
I like them girls (girls), I like them girls (girls)
I like them girls, that'll love to trip
Trying to spend 24 at Se7en crib
(Girls, girls, girls, girls)
(Girls I do adore)

When you see me in the club (holla at ya boy)
Post it up getting love (holla at ya boy)
It don't matter where you come from babe
Im kinda like MJ
I like them black or white (wh-white)
When you see me on tour (holla at ya boy)
Nothin' there know the score(holla at ya boy)
I aint ever turn down a fly girl that was tryna get something
I ain't about to pick today to start running

I like them girls that's hard to get (I like them girls)
I like them girls, shot calling the whip (can we ride babe)
I like them girls (girls), I like them girls (girls)
I like them girls, that'll love to trip (can you feel me baby)
Trying to spend 24 at Se7en's crib (yeahhhh)
(Girls, girls, girls, girls)
(G-G-G-G-Girls I do adore)

Let me holla at you girl
7th-Sep-2009 02:32 am - Recording Time Again
nishiyama maki
I decided it was time to record karaoke again. >.>   <.<

Hope at least one person enjoys this?

nishiyama maki
****Intellectual property of Arisa @ http://arisan.livejournal.com.

PLEASE comment and provide link before reposting. Permission is absolutely NOT necessary, but I'd like to know where this is being posted! Feed my ego. I translate more when you do that.******

So I heard a song yesterday, about Orca whales. It was so, so beautiful、that I just had to translate it.

My transliteration and translation. Kanji and more songs can be found at www.kanekonobuaki.com。

lyrics & music: Nobuaki Kaneko

Take a good look at the world      you are beautiful
Take a good look at the shore      no one will follow
Because your spyhop antenna will        surely detect anything quickly
Don't forget        the promises of distant days

A longing        and then we
will probably meet        as though we had been led to each other

A journey at daybreak        fins raised high as the heavens
Without any reason        I will definitely protect you
Scenery flows by        please, don't come back again
Your destination is far off        on the other side of the moon

It's twilight        the melody you spin
to make it through the night    brings a flood of tears

lyrics & music: Nobuaki Kaneko

Sekai wo mitegoran       kimi wa utsukushii
minamo wo mitegoran       daremo oitsukeyashinai
SUPAIHOPPU no ANTENA de       mitsukedasu kara kitto
Wasurenaide       tooi hi no ano yakusoku wo

akogare       soshite bokura wa
deau darou       michibikareru you ni

Akatsuki no tabidachi       tentakaku nobita FIN
riyuu nante nai       kanarazu kimi wo mamorou
Nagareyuku keshiki wo        douka furikaeranai de
ikisaki wa haruka        ano tsuki no mukou

tasogare       yoru wo koete
tsumugu MERODI       namida afureru

"spyhop" does not actually involve an "antenna" of any sorts. It refers to an action common amongst young orca whales, in which a curious infant will peak its head out of he water for a glimpse of its above-water surroundings. (More info: http://www.hickerphoto.com/orca-baby-spyhop-4179-pictures.htm (picture).) The antenna here is a metaphorical one, as Orca's have great vision and are known to be perceptive.

ROUGH translation, but I don’t care and I doubt anyone else does either. I’ll update it as the words come to mean more to me, but that is the gist of it. Really, very pretty. And the video was incredibly well done too.
13th-Dec-2008 11:21 pm - RYUSEI NO KIZUNA
nishiyama maki

I will cry...Collapse )

*sigh* I also want time to go back so things can work out between Shizuna and Togami. They were both good people, and it's a shame things had to work out as they did. And I felt really bad as Togami's perfect world came crashing down around him when he realized who Koichi, Taisuke and Shizuna were, and that he had been manipulated by them from the beginning.

MOU. I will buy the novel now.
24th-Sep-2008 02:26 pm(no subject)
nishiyama maki
NOOOOOOOOO! Why are there no trans-siberian orchestra tickets left?! Ok, I take it back, there are 4 left. Let's try that again.

Why are the 4 remaining tickets to see the Trans-siberian orchestra 318 %&^*#$% dollars each?!


*Arisa goes off to cry in a corner while she hopes they add another date to their tour*


*runs off*

Well, it turns out they're not playing at any other venue... *sigh* Oh well. Next time...
14th-Sep-2008 02:01 am - Suprise, suprise...
nishiyama maki
Arisa is very suprised. German pop-rock band Tokio Hotel is good. Like... really quite good.


Don't Jump

I really love the German version of Don't Jump, but the English one is good too.

Ready, Set, Go!

"Ready, Steady, Go"? Oh, woops. It's "Ready, set, go!".
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